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What Are the Benefits of Vitamin D?

At a young age, we are constantly encouraged to get some sun and the reason why is because of vitamin D. This fat-soluble vitamin can be produced naturally by your body in response to regular exposure to sunlight or it could also come from dietary sources such as supplements.

Vitamin D is essential to maintaining your health. It performs several important functions like regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, assisting with immune system function and promoting bone growth and development.

Here are three benefits that you may not know about this important nutrient:

Vitamin D reduces seasonal depression

Seasonal affective disorder can be a major problem for some people. If you often suffer from mood swings and negative feelings in the winter months, it’s very possible that this is due to seasonal depression.

The cause is not fully understood, but reduced exposure to sunlight has been linked as one possibility for this condition.

One popular method to treat SAD is vitamin D, which has been proven as helpful in managing symptoms including low energy levels and mood changes.

Vitamin D protects against colds and flu

There are many studies that show the benefits of vitamin D supplements in reducing an individual’s risk for acute respiratory diseases.

Several observational studies have shown that people who frequently experience respiratory infections are more likely to lack vitamin D.

Vitamin D is thought to help improve the immune system, and by increasing one’s intake of this vitamin one will be less susceptible to illness during cold or flu season.

Vitamin D can boost weight loss

You might be surprised to know that getting enough vitamin D can keep your hormone levels in check and may help enhance weight loss. Not only that, losing weight will actually increase the level of this essential nutrient which is vital for many other benefits such as maintaining strong bones or protecting against illness.

The risk of Vitamin D deficiency

Getting enough vitamin D through the sun alone can be a challenge in modern society. Perhaps you work indoors or other responsibilities prevent you from getting outside as much you’d like. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure you’re getting a sufficient intake of vitamin D in order to avoid becoming deficient. Therefore, it is recommended that you get some of your daily vitamin D from other sources aside from sunlight alone.

The symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency in adults include:

  • Tiredness
  • Aches and pains
  • A general sense of feeling unwell
  • Severe bone or muscle pain or weakness
  • Stress fractures, especially in your legs, pelvis, and hips

In order to determine whether you’re vitamin D deficient, your GP will take a blood sample from you. It is possible that your doctor may request X-rays to examine the strength of your bones if you are diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency.

Treatment for vitamin D deficiency generally involves taking daily supplements. If you have a severe deficiency, your doctor may recommend you take a high dose of vitamin D tablets. Despite this, you should also try to increase your intake of vitamin D through your diet and sunlight wherever possible.

If you’re looking for a quick way to increase your vitamin D intake on the go, why not try our Fast Acting Multivitamin Spray? Not only does this multivitamin spray include essential vitamins like vitamin D3 but your body will also benefit from other vital vitamins such as vitamin C, B6 and B12 – helping to improve your body’s natural defences.



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